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Integrated Infrastructure Management

Today’s IT organizations are faced with increasing pressure to deliver superior IT services at a lower cost, and align better with the business.  Initiating a project to make this happen will often take more resources and time than you have available; or it will cost too much to justify a large upfront investment.

We offer you a clear path to a more flexible, sustainable, and efficient IT service portfolio—one that leverages ITIL® best practices and our many proven strategies to drive cost savings of up to 50% over five years.  Our ITIL-based IT service delivery and management framework known as Integrated Infrastructure Management (IIM™) is proven to:

  • Reduce IT operational and capital budgets
  • Improve end-user and business line satisfaction
  • Sustain alignment of IT services to business requirements
  • Incorporate and maintain ITIL processes, best practices and compliance
  • Integrate technological innovations and alternative delivery models, such as cloud computing

IIM simplifies the infrastructure and business alignment process making it easier for you to lower operating expenses while freeing up resources to focus on supporting strategic initiatives and opportunities. The IIM framework is characterized by five key elements:

  • Client Focused – Adaptable framework to meet your specific business and technical needs
  • Holistic – Comprehensive approach that spans from the desktop to the data center, people to hardware, and policy to process
  • ITIL Based – Next generation IT Service Management (ITSM) solution that incorporates well-defined ITIL processes across management tools and technologies
  • Results Driven – Business-focused governance model to help make the best decisions regarding timing, innovation, and progress while maintaining alignment across the business and IT
  • Continual Improvement – Ongoing service improvement model that proactively identifies and collaboratively closes gaps between business and IT

The IIM framework can integrate with all IT Service Management tools including ServiceNow, an industry recognized technology platform, and represents its deepest and broadest implementation. 

To learn more about how to accelerate your transformation to an ITIL-based, business-aligned IT service strategy, contact us now.

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