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Value means having choices that meet your needs not those of your service provider. Supporting your global workforce requires attention to local values, language, and cultural preferences and practices, as well as to the business-specific complexities surrounding outsourcing. 

We operate in the US, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico and India. For IT services that require local delivery, we partner with IT service leaders around the world to make certain you receive services where, when, and how you need them. Our global governance model provides you with streamlined program management, interfaces, accountability and reporting for all facets of service delivery.

CompuCom maintains key business alliances with a select number of global IT service providers. These relationships offer the ability to assemble the right mix of near-shore, offshore, on-site, and remote services to ensure that we are able to meet your requirements no matter where your employees are located.

The benefits of our alliance model include:

  • Flexible and collaborative access to a broad range of IT services 
  • Cost-effective engagements 
  • Consistency of service quality across all geographies 
  • Single point-of-contact 
  • Scalability to meet clients’ changing requirements
  • Delivery localization 

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GWA Board of Directors (L-R): Andrew Rattigan - DUBAI; Jim Dixon - USA; Noël Saille - FRANCE; Luis Figueroa - SPAIN; Armando Camargo - BRAZIL; Andreas Ziegenhain - GERMANY; Coen Olde Olthof - THE NETHERLANDS; Daniel Wong - HONG KONG; and Keiichirio Yanagi - JAPAN

The Alliance creates a unified virtual service provider with dynamic global reach for delivering reliable, innovative and value-added IT services. It leverages the combined experience and local brand value of its members, while building on the existing international reputation of leading partner companies.

GWA spans the world’s top 30 countries, as ranked by business volume, and manages more than 6 million IT assets worldwide, making it a viable contender against all major players in international workspace management.

Ask us about how CompuCom and GWA can radically simplify your global IT support. Or Visit www.WorkspaceAlliance.comfor more information.



Europe´s leading independent provider of IT infrastructure services.

Computacenter is Europe’s leading independent provider of IT infrastructure services, and a CompuCom strategic alliance partner. Clients rely on Computacenter to advise them on IT strategy, deployment of appropriate technologies, and management of their infrastructures on a global basis.

Computacenter serves your global requirements with offices across the UK, Germany, France and Benelux, complemented by a wider global network of service facilities and partnerships. CompuCom and Computacenter offer complementary geographic coverage, a strong commitment to quality, and vendor independence, allowing us to deliver industry-leading solutions for organizations around the world.

Computacenter offers product provisioning, IT transformation, data center, network, and end-to-end IT managed services.

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