Tom Vetterani

Vice President of Strategy and Messaging
Tom Vetterani Headshot
Oscar Wilde once said “Be yourself – everyone else is already taken.” Don’t try and imitate other people.

What is your role at CompuCom?  
I play a key role in strategy and help act as the voice of CompuCom externally in the marketplace. I also am the primary interface with the industry analysts and represent CompuCom in the annual Gartner Magic Quadrants and Forrester Wave competitions. As such, I have to know what is happening in each of the key and strategic areas of our business if I am to make an impact. I also serve as Executive Sponsor for select CompuCom clients. That role gives me a great pulse on their challenges, as well as an opportunity to share how we are different and can bring value to them.

What is a fun fact about yourself?
I love flying. It is one of the greatest stress releases for me. When you’re at 20,000 feet with nothing else around you but space, it’s exhilarating.

What motivates you at work?
I’m motivated by the challenges we wake up and face each day. I love technology, and how it potentially can change today and tomorrow, and make a difference in the quality of life for many. And, the people I am surrounded by motivate and encourage me to be my best every day. I wake up with a smile and I try to end the day with one, too.

What is your favorite place in the world?
Munich, Germany. The city is vibrant and alive regardless of the time of day. The people are wonderful, engaging and fun to be around.

What are some key achievements at CompuCom?
I’m especially proud of the work that led to the development of our service quality programs, such as our Stoplight Report, Service Quality Review, and Infrastructure Maturity Assessment tools. Each of these has had a strong impact on our business and the value we bring to the client. In addition, representing CompuCom in the annual industry competitions has been especially satisfying. To be instrumental in positioning CompuCom as a leader in the Magic Quadrants is extremely rewarding.

What drives you in life?
The positive spirit I have. A desire to master the next challenge. The pleasure of meeting familiar colleagues, and the desire to have influence and impact that helps others put their stamp on the world. Sure, I have dreams, goals, desires, loved ones and people and places to see. Books to read, trips to go on. A life to live! All of it motivates me to do what I do. 

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