The Impact of 24/7 Service and Support with your Enterprise Mobility Suite

October 17, 2017 | Post by Steven Pike | 0 Comments

The story of a large event planning company shows how enterprises benefit from working with a single source solution provider with 24/7 support. In this case, the company needed support before, during, and after the deployment of hundreds of smartphones and tablets. The company also needed their solution provider to respond to an emergency request for devices without any delays. Here’s how the event unfolded.

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Who to Choose for IT Asset Disposition

September 21, 2017 | Post by Tim McCulley | 0 Comments

As technology evolves, what was once top of the line quickly becomes obsolete, and for many enterprises, this means constantly adapting and providing new equipment, software and applications. 

But when you enable new hardware as part of your enterprise mobility solution, you also need to decide how to dispose of the old hardware, and protect the data that’s on it, all within state and federal regulations. Here’s how one company did it.

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How One Retailer Deployed Its Enterprise Mobility Solution

August 24, 2017 | Post by Steven Pike | 0 Comments

The deployment phase of a new enterprise mobility solution is the most critical step for IT departments to get right. What may look to be a nuts and bolts process is actually one of the easiest to get wrong. End users demand mobile solutions that are as easy as their personal devices. If the tools you provide don’t work right away, they may be left unused forever.

If that happens, all of the planning, strategy, and effort done up to that point is wasted, along with any potential cost savings or other benefits expected to be gained from the new solution.

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Throwing Away Old Devices? 4 Things to Know About Device Disposition

August 17, 2017 | Post by Tim McCulley | 1 Comments

With all the work that goes into sourcing, procuring, kitting, configuring, activating and deploying the new devices, you also need to consider what happens to the old ones which are being replaced. Having end users pass them down to their kids – or simply throwing them away – are not viable disposal methods. Here are four things you need to know during the IT asset disposition (ITAD) stage of your enterprise mobility management lifecycle.

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Don’t be Left in the Dark – 3 Key Factors to Consider when Migrating to an Enterprise Mobility Suite

August 10, 2017 | Post by Steven Pike | 0 Comments

When migrating to a flexible enterprise mobility suite there is a critical stage that needs to be considered: service and support. We’ve identified three areas in which a single-source solution provider can help you achieve success.

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Turning BYOD into a Big Win with Provisioning Enterprise Mobility Management

August 03, 2017 | Post by Steven Pike | 0 Comments

How can resource-strapped IT teams manage such a complex environment? Imagine you’re a large enterprise struggling to balance the need for enterprise and network security with the need to give employees the tools they require to do their jobs. You could turn to a mobile access solutions partner to provide provisioning and configuration services for all mobile devices. Here’s how you would benefit from such a relationship.

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3 Challenges When Deploying Your New Enterprise Mobility Solution

June 22, 2017 | Post by Tim McCulley | 0 Comments

So you’ve chosen the right mobile devices – procured, configured and provisioned them – and now they are ready to be delivered to the end users. With the strategic part of your new enterprise mobility solution wrapped up, it feels as though you are home free. After all, how hard can it be to get the devices shipped out and delivered?

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3 Ways to Improve iPad Mobility at Healthcare Facilities

June 21, 2017 | Post by James Bainter | 0 Comments

The convenience of iPads in the healthcare industry is undeniable. They enable quick access to information and imaging, and help make diagnoses and managing care easier from any location. Read on for some tips and tricks to increase usability, get more done and improve the overall patient-care process.

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5 Mobility Management Tips for Financial Services Companies

June 20, 2017 | Post by James Bainter | 0 Comments

If your financial services firm seeks to attract and retain younger workers and gear for the future, here are five recommendations.

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The Changing Realities of IT - Why Provisioning is Critical to Your Enterprise Mobility Management

June 07, 2017 | Post by Steven Pike | 0 Comments

The role of IT has shifted dramatically in recent years, and the enterprise environment looks completely different than it did in the past. The new enterprise is no longer limited to desktop PCs confined within the corporate firewall and protected by the physical security of the building itself. So what can you do to remain secure in this new reality?

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