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  • Apple Healthcare - Virtual Patient Visits

    How to Best Use iPads for Virtual Patient Visits

    • September 19, 2017
    • Post by James Bainter

    In our digitally enhanced world, healthcare is yet another industry that has turned to using virtual connections instead of in-person visits. Virtual patient visits will soon be commonplace, replacing many in-person non-emergency or one-time care appointments. Find out how healthcare providers can best use Apple iPads to conduct these visits.

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  • Cloud, on Premises or Hybrid: What's Best for Your Workloads?

    Cloud, on Premises or Hybrid: What's Best for Your Workloads?

    • September 14, 2017
    • Post by Bryan Erwin

    Since the dawn of cloud computing, companies have had to determine which workloads to put in the cloud and which to keep on premises. In the excitement of the early days, it seemed that everything should be in the cloud. These days, IT teams are taking a more strategic approach.

    Choosing the optimal place for your applications takes time and careful thought. Different configurations work for different needs. Here are four key issues to consider.

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  • Do legacy apps have a place in financial services?

    Do Legacy Apps Have a Place in Financial Services?

    • September 13, 2017
    • Post by Tim Fisher

    The pace at which technological advances are being made creates new opportunities as well as complications in an array of industries. Nowhere is this more true than in financial services. Cost burdens to maintain legacy systems and being able to adjust to fluctuating business demands in a secure manner has financial service organizations contemplating where to take their legacy apps in an ever-changing fintech environment.

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  • Selecting an IT Help Desk Solution

    What to Consider When Selecting an IT Help Desk Solution

    • September 12, 2017
    • Post by Jill Randolph

    Not exactly a big business yet? You’ll be happy to know there are dedicated IT help desk options out there for SMEs. While it may be a bit harder to find help with comprehensive IT service desk management support options, once you do, keep these three tips in mind as you start to evaluate their services.

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  • The High States of an Unsuccessful Hybrid Cloud Deployment

    The High Stakes of an Unsuccessful Hybrid Cloud Deployment

    • September 08, 2017
    • Post by Bryan Erwin

    A hybrid cloud deployment that falls short of expectations may not only hurt your company, but also put your career on the line. 

    The pressure on IT has never been greater. If you're taking on a major technology implementation — for example, a new cloud initiative — senior executives will be watching. Moving too slowly or spending beyond your budget will test leadership's patience. And you don’t want to lose their trust or support. 

    Here are four common challenges IT leaders must address when trying to meet business needs with a hybrid cloud strategy.

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  • Changing Employees

    How Retail Technology Solutions are Changing the Role of Employees

    • September 06, 2017
    • Post by Tom Alvey

    Effective retailers recognize that employees and technology go hand-in-hand in creating a better shopping experience. Rather than replacing employees, technology will require these workers to have new skills, and empower them to use these skills more effectively, meaning they’ll spend less time scanning products and stocking shelves and more time assisting customers.

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