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Corporate Communications
If you would like to know more about CompuCom or schedule an interview with a CompuCom subject matter expert, please contact our Corporate Communications team.

CompuCom Marketing

Analyst Relations

CompuCom values industry analyst partnerships. We believe in the value of market research, from both a consumption perspective in order to stay up to date on emerging trends and best practices, and also to ensure awareness regarding the cool things that CompuCom is doing to serve our customers. CompuCom has enjoyed over 14 years of industry accolades and we are working hard to get ahead of the curve on the technology trends coming our way. Visit us here to read more!

Analyst Relations:
Jodie Ohr
Director, Analyst Relations

Sourcing Advisor Relations
CompuCom works closely with many of the industry’s leading outsourcing advisors and consultants to respond to requests and provide updates on our organization.  To learn more please contact:

Advisor Relations:
Jonathan James
Chief Marketing Officer

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