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Managed Networks


Keeping enterprise networks connected and secure is about much more than simply maintaining a communications gateway. It is the key to your ability to compete, innovate, and succeed. But as networks grow more complex, many organizations are challenged to make certain that their network infrastructure remains optimized for performance in a cost-effective manner.

Our clients own and operate some of the most widely dispersed networks in the world. Most of which operate in multi-vendor and multi-carrier network environments where it can be difficult to identify who is accountable for the various segments of a network. For many clients, this is unacceptable. Downtime directly affects the balance sheet, and can pose a threat to public safety.

CompuCom leverages its deep experience and its well-defined systems and processes to provide 24x7 operations and maintenance services, which improve the confidentiality, integrity, availability and performance of business critical networks, systems and applications.

Our Integrated Infrastructure Management (IIM™) framework eliminates the accountability gap. Based on IIM, we leverage industry-leading best practices – such as ITIL® and Six Sigma – to make sure that your networked infrastructure remains agile, available, securely connected, and ready to support your organization’s critical business processes. Our Managed Network Services include support for:

  • LAN and Wireless for local infrastructure
  • WAN and access systems for carrier services
  • Data center fabric for connections between storage and servers
  • Carrier backbone for carrier infrastructure

CompuCom’s Managed Network Services provide end-to-end IT managed services and remote support for event, incident and problem monitoring and management across multi-vendor network infrastructures, focusing on “core, distribution and access layers” of our client’s IP-based network. Managed operations functions include:

  • Monitoring: Discovery and mapping, device health and availability reporting and event management
  • Managing: Incident management, configuration and change management and release and deployment management
  • Lifecycle Support: Problem management, performance management (capacity, availability, continuity) and device warranty and maintenance services

We have the experience to help you manage all of the environments needed to connect your people, applications, and data centers. Today, it is also important to connect with the various cloud environments available in the market. We monitor and manage more than 250,000 network devices from operation centers in North America, Central America, and Asia.

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