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End-User Enablement

Optimize the end-user experience and align with business

End-User Computing

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As a seemingly endless line of new technologies is introduced into the workplace, balancing end-user satisfaction with cost controls and productivity becomes a priority for today’s IT executives. Improperly managed, end-user devices and support can fail to keep up with the demands of business users whose needs are constantly evolving.

To address this ever-changing technology landscape, CompuCom has developed a modernized portfolio of End-User Enablement services that specifically focus on the end-user’s needs and experience. This portfolio includes the following services:

  • Personas and Communities: Focused on aligning the end-user with the right set of services to optimize their productivity.  Our four phase approach and proprietary toolset enable companies to implement a Persona-Based Modeling (PBM) framework within their organization.  The PBM framework facilitates capturing, reporting, designing and implementing a persona based services model that realigns how end-user services are delivered to best serve the specific needs of their segmented user community, while optimizing total cost of ownership.  In the future, personas will be leverages across common industries and communities. 
  • Device Services: Supports the entire lifecycle of end-user devices, from acquisition through disposition, as well as management of BYOD initiatives. Our proprietary device management services and tools help you reduce device management costs, improve business alignment, and increase security and compliance.
  • Application Marketplace Services (AMS): Allows you to understand your application portfolio, capabilities, and costs for a clearer view of your IT environment. It includes both Application Rationalization to seamlessly gather application data and provide a structured methodology to make business decisions about your application portfolio and Application Management to assist in packaging, testing and distribution of new applications that meet both technical and business needs. In just weeks, our device management tools can give you the intelligence you need to make more accurate, timely, and informed decisions about your portfolio.
  • Workplace Services: Offers structured and flexible on-site and specialty services for end-user and device support. On-site services range from basic Install, Move, Add, Change, De-Install (IMACD) and Break/Fix services to more complicated print management, video surveillance technology support, and digital signage support. Our specialty services include industry-specific support, such as POS for retail organizations. CompuCom’s well-trained workforce can help you consolidate support so you can improve the sustainability of your workplace solutions and gain greater control over soaring costs and inefficiencies.

The services in the End-User Enablement portfolio provide all-inclusive end-user support for today’s “consumer emulated” workplace.  We provide solutions geared to harnessing today’s emerging technology, to deliver improved workplace flexibility, productivity and management both in and out of the physical office. We utilize state-of-the-art technologies and a honed set of best-of-class processes to provide:

  • Agility – to react to quick changing technology (i.e. mobile, cloud)
  • Visibility – for identifying and engineering out what is broken
  • Personas – for classifying and segmenting users into to right size workspace technology and support needs
  • Benchmarking – to measure IT Services performance  
  • Cost Control – to capture segmented costs and identify cost reduction opportunities
  • Reporting – to measure user-level experiences and provide actionable data for continuous improvement
  • Innovative Toolsets – to provide interconnection across service portfolios to drive service optimization and improved user-level intelligence and experience management

We have a proven track record for servicing end-users. CompuCom has been positioned in the Leaders quadrant of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Desktop Services, and Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Help Desk Outsourcing since 2003. Most recently CompuCom was positioned in the Leaders Quadrant of the 2013 Magic Quadrant for End-User Outsourcing North America.

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