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Unified Communications & Collaboration

Let us help you create a strategy that fosters collaboration and streamlines processes

Unified Communications

A growing number of organizations are implementing new Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) strategies to provide advanced connectivity and collaboration tools throughout the enterprise. If you’re one of them, have you asked - - Where do I start and how will I maintain this new environment?

The options fall into three categories:

  • You can do all the planning, implementation and maintenance work with your own staff
  • You can outsource everything to a third party
  • You can implement a hybrid approach – manage some elements in-house, and work with third parties on other elements

Your strategy should be to foster collaboration, streamline business processes, and enhance productivity across the enterprise. An effective Unified Communications and Collaboration strategy does that and integrates Internet Protocol (IP) Telephony with established and emerging communications like instant messaging, mobile devices, and videoconferencing.

As a building block to a unified communication strategy, CompuCom’s managed IP telephony services provide the foundation to support voice, data or video interactions on a common infrastructure.  These services focus on the critical components within a typical IP based telephony infrastructure, namely call processing, voicemail and voice/media gateways by providing monitoring, event and incident identification and resolution as well as proactive management to ensure voice system uptime and availability. These services also create a logical entry point for enterprises to migrate away from legacy and private branch exchange (“PBX”) systems to IP systems.

As a vendor-neutral provider of telecommunications, networking infrastructure, application services, software and hardware, CompuCom is able to offer the best solutions for each client by taking into consideration best-of-breed offerings and the client’s existing infrastructure.  In addition, we leverage our Integrated Infrastructure Management (IIM™) framework to make sure that your enterprise’s strategy continues to improve and deliver:

  • Competitive advantage
  • Elevated organizational and business resilience
  • Consolidated and enhanced infrastructure and equipment
  • Reduced management, administration and support expenses and hidden costs

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