Turnkey Technical Support for Your Business

If you thought about tech support a lot this weeek...then you are doing it wrong.

Now there is a managed service technical support solution that fits your business! Whether you need to support 250 users or 3,000+, the SmartDesk Solution by CompuCom® is designed to fit your company’s needs.

Today the user is in control. Anytime, anywhere compute is the norm. It's all about the user experience.
I’ve got 99 problems but tech support is not one.

The SmartDesk Solution will help your organization achieve annual cost savings for technical support and substantially decrease the time for resolving technology problems.

Standardized Support, Extraordinary Results: With SmartDesk Solution, you benefit from robust capabilities and tangible outcomes.
This picture of a model wearing a headset will not solve your tech support issues. The SmartDesk Solution will!

By focusing on your business outcomes, the SmartDesk Solution leverages IT Service Management to improve service delivery, reduce the need for technical support, all while allowing the user to interact with the contact method that best meets their needs.


Now, this is the part where you contact us and we solve your problems.

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