CompuCom Improves IT Support Services for Energy Company

CompuCom takes whatever technological steps are necessary to help the energy company keep its retail locations up and running.

A leading energy company has a network of more than 1,500 retail and wholesale outlets across Canada. It also operates a lubricant business that produces quality lubricant base stocks such as specialty fluids and greases for customers throughout the world. These solutions protect equipment, reduce downtime and increase productivity.

The energy company’s core business is the distribution of fuel and oil – not technology support. To remain focused on its core business, it needed ta service provider who could consistently deliver outstanding IT support to its widespread retail and wholesale locations.

Dissatisfied with support services from a previous service provider, the energy company turned to CompuCom. Impressed with the depth and breadth of CompuCom services and the availability of CompuCom technicians across Canada, it also valued CompuCom’s capabilities and flexible service delivery approach.

CompuCom delivers a comprehensive workplace services solution to the energy company that includes point-of-sale (POS) service and maintenance for all retail and wholesale locations as well as IMACs (installs, moves, adds and changes). CompuCom also provides project support for technology refreshes and deployments.

In 2010, the energy company expanded CompuCom’s responsibilities to include managing the service desk out of the Mississauga, Ontario service center. The service desk provides English and French language support to users across Canada. By replacing an incumbent service provider with CompuCom, the energy company saw an opportunity for more innovation and a new level of excellence at the service desk. The decision was based on CompuCom’s performance in other divisions and firsthand knowledge of CompuCom’s ability to deliver consistent and scalable results using well-defined processes. Recently, CompuCom took a significant step forward in streamlining the service desk when it piloted a self-service initiative at some of the retail sites.

CompuCom takes whatever technological steps are necessary to help the energy company keep its retail locations up and running. CompuCom demonstrated this focus when Calgary endured extensive flooding that threatened functionality at some of the retail gas stations. CompuCom’s capabilities, coupled with a flexible service delivery approach, have improved collaboration within the client while simultaneously reducing IT support costs, disaster exposure, and downtime.

Client Name: 
Leading Energy Company
Services Provided: 
  • POS Service and Maintenance
  • Installs, Moves, Adds, and Changes (IMACs)
  • Service Desk
  • Project Support
Measurable Results:
  • Enabled better collaboration
  • Reduced risk and disaster exposure
  • Reduced downtime and increased uptime
  • Reduced IT support costs
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