CompuCom is pleased to have been positioned in the Leaders quadrant of Gartner’s® 2017 Magic Quadrant for Managed Workplace Services, in North America.

CompuCom delivers a broad range of end-user and data center services designed to meet the needs of the enterprise and the individual user as they conduct business using a variety of endpoint devices to provide mission-critical data in support of their clients.

CompuCom’s service professionals support more than 5 million users and nearly 7 million devices throughout North America today, including nearly 2 million users serviced through walk-up kiosks. The team uses advanced tools and automation solutions designed for rapid resolution and for delivering great client satisfaction and performance.

Retail is changing quickly and tech-savvy consumers are demanding the change. CompuCom knows Retail IT and can help set up your IT infrastructure as a strategic advantage. We're heavily invested in automation, digitization, Internet of Things, and end user devices so our clients are always ready for the future, not just today. Let us help you navigate the age of digitization and reach your customers of tomorrow.

Putting it All Together – Opening 500 Stores at a Time with a Retail Technology Solutions Partner

June 27, 2017 | Post by Tom Alvey | 0 Comments

Opening or refreshing 500 stores at a time is a big undertaking. As a retail executive, you know how many moving parts there are in a project of this scale, and that not all of them can, or should, be controlled by the IT department. So what can retailers do to make sure everything stays on track?

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Keep Your Competitive Edge with a Service Desk Provider Who Knows Retail

June 19, 2017 | Post by Tom Alvey | 0 Comments

Staying ahead of the competition is an absolute must, especially in retail. With brick-and-mortar shops downtrending and online stores uptrending, finding a way to differentiate your business is imperative.

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How a Supply Chain Approach Helps Retail & IT Store Growth

June 15, 2017 | Post by Tom Jacobs | 0 Comments

Today’s retailers have turned their supply chain into finely tuned operations. Why haven’t they been able to do the same when purchasing retail technology solutions?

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Why Testing Retail IT Systems Saves You Time and Money

May 30, 2017 | Post by Tom Alvey | 0 Comments

Customers go into stores expecting an easy and enjoyable experience. They want to be able to purchase a product without running into any issues. This is the promise that you made to them when installing new retail IT systems and technology into your stores. But when a problem does occur, you’ve broken that simple promise. It’s that serious.

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According to a new survey from CompuCom, a majority of IT professionals surveyed (43 percent) are looking forward to the expansion of self-checkout technology in retail environments in the coming year.

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