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You've got one shot to make it to market with the optimal balance of functionality and user experience to impress your audience and define the genre.  With your release date locked and a need for back-up support you don’t have weeks to sort through resumes and interview candidate to find the right skills and experience to support your team.

This is where the CompuCom’s Games Team can step in to help.  We eliminate the typical hiring and delivery hassles by providing a dedicated resource manager to pre-qualify high caliber candidates and manage their performance throughout the project.  When you are running at capacity, we help you win by delivering:

  • Seamless Integration: We will test the title for you – integrated with your team behind the scenes or by running the testing independently
  • Flexible Approach: Using your plan or ours, we write the test cases, execute the testing, manage the issues, and communicate the results
  • Experience that Counts: We are a leader in games testing and has managed more than 1000 gaming consultants over the past five years
  • Skills that Make the Difference: Our comprehensive training program ensures that we are able to deliver a consistent, high quality support, day in and day out

We focus on every detail so you can focus on getting the big picture right.

About CompuCom Games

We're passionate about games and have been dedicated to supporting this market since 2005.

To our clients: We are committed to providing an environment that will enable you to focus on your most important objectives - creativity and fun. Balancing a strong technical QA approach with a perspective only real gamers can provide is the essence of our work. We're here to help you create the best gaming experience for your audience.

To our team: We are committed to providing you opportunities to grow and advance while you work with some of the best people in the industry. We will challenge you so you can rise above the rest.

To our industry: We are committed to advancing the discipline of game testing. Every tester we train, every standard we set, every difference we make benefits the industry as a whole. The team benefits, the customer benefits, and the community at large increases in strength.

CompuCom Games is a division of CompuCom Systems, Inc. The Leading IT Outsourcing Specialist.