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2-Minute Explainer: CompuCom Access Solutions - Enabled by AT&T


CompuCom Access Solution – Enabled by AT&T takes an integrated approach to the management of implementation, support, health awareness, and issue/outage resolution for cloud, mobile, and network resources.


2 Minute Explainer: Powering Multi-Generational Workforce Productivity


All end-users want from IT is what they need to do their jobs.  They have little consideration for IT's challenges with meeting their demands  CompuCom helps clients put the right applications, devices and access in the hands of the right people at the right time. By identifying key employee characteristics - including work role, approved devices, applications and subscriptions - end-user management can be reinvented through CompuCom’s Persona Service Management.


Cloud Technology Services: a 2-Minute Explainer



CompuCom and UHN: Partnering to Improve Patient Care


University Health Network (UHN), the premier Academic Health Sciences Center and largest teaching hospital in Canada, is partnering with CompuCom to transform the way patient care is delivered.

This video case study tells the story of how we’re helping UHN apply leading-edge technology to deliver quality healthcare and why they chose CompuCom and the value of our partnership. From infrastructure services to end-point management, from data center services to a full-fledged help desk and desk side support, we’ve helped UHN harness IT as a tool to report and reflect on patients’ health outcomes.


PE Firm THL Partners Featured on CNBC Regarding Acquisition of CompuCom