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Microsoft Office 365 Services and Support

Microsoft’s enterprise-grade security capabilities make Office 365 your trusted cloud for productivity.

Moving your organization to the cloud isn’t a matter of if, but when. It’s becoming the new-normal for business; in fact, Gartner estimates that 60% of employees will have access to cloud capabilities by 2022. But still, many organizations have questions—tough security questions—about the cloud. “Isn’t on-premises safer?” “Will my data be used for things like advertising?” “Won’t I lose control of my data in the cloud?”

Whether your new to Office 365 or well on your way? CompuCom is here to help. Accelerate your deployment with CompuCom services and support. We have resources located across the United States and Canada that are here to help you learn how to get the most out of Office 365 and drive user adoption, and follow the Roadmap to always stay up to date.

New to Office 365? Try Our One Day Office 365 Workshop as a Start.

The Office 365 workshops brings key stakeholders in the project to determine the key goals of an Office 365 migration, as well as the basic layout of how users will be provisioned in the O365 Directory and Tenant.

In preparation for the workshop CompuCom will perform an Exchange Assessment using the O365 MAP reporting tool. By doing this we can determine any additional server requirements or current infrastructure remediation that may be required to meet the minimum and supported connectivity to the O365 mail environment for either a Hybrid or full migration as is determined during the design. 

Topics covered during the workshop will include:

  • Single-Sign-on options for ADFS with On-Premises AD
  • Active Directory readiness and availability of Certificates
  • Exchange, or other Email, Mailbox Sizing, and mail migration process analysis.
  • Network Bandwidth considerations and AD Global Catalog considerations
  • Single Sign-on, Federation, and Directory Synchronization tools requirements
  • Microsoft accounts, Azure AD, and OneDrive compatibility 

Based on the selected options in the design series, CompuCom will then provide details of migration options for email cutover, or coexistence and be able to make recommendations on the required HW or SW for the migration plan.

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Rock Your Network with Solutions from Dell and CompuCom

Today’s modern applications call for new thinking about network architecture. This is why many clients are now looking at networking solutions from Dell. Dell's networking solutions are based on open standards, built on industry standard hardware and chipsets, and provide a choice of operating systems. In addition, Dell offers some of the most innovating pricing and support options in the industry.

CompuCom provides a full suite of advanced networking related services and support that can make the transition to Dell networking solutions simple and easy as well as helping you explore other Dell related solutions that could offer additional operational and cost advantages. 

If you're interested in finding out how Dell network solutions could play in your environment please submit a contact us request.

We've highlighted what we think the key networking solutions from Dell for enterprise-class organizations below.

Adjust the Volume with Dell Z9500 Fabric Switches with "Pay as You Grow" Licensing

The Dell Z9500 is a compact, next-generation switch/router designed for industry-leading, high-density 10/40GbE aggregation in a data center core network. It includes the feature-rich Dell Networking Operating System 9, and full L2 switching and L3 routing with rich manageability features.

The “pay as you go” licensing model really sets the Z9500 apart and makes it an attractive option for large service providers who need to aggressively control costs while competing on performance. The Dell Z9500 is the first switch on the market to utilize a 3 SKU licensing approach, and includes 132 40GbE ports with the flexibility to breakout up to 528 ports of 10GbE.

For more information about the Z9500 we recommend reading the following resources:




Take Your Fans Everywhere with Dell Campus Networking Solutions

Dell's Campus Reference Architecture provides solutions to address key problems facing small to large businesses These include:

  • Improving scalability and simplicity to enable network growth for any size business, focusing on more efficient installations/deployments and quicker gains in productivity
  • Simplifying the complex deployment and manageability of separate sites in a campus or branch business
  • Enhancing user management with dynamic policy assignments for guests, employees, and contractors
  • Enabling users to self-provision corporate and guest access on a variety of devices (Bring Your Own Device -BYOD)


Amp-Up Innovation with New Dell Open Standards, SDN-Ready, 1-to-100GbE Network Switches

Make your network the solution that helps drive business innovation across your enterprise. With Dell's new open, 1-to-100GbE switches you can increase performance now, while getting ready for the software-defined enterprise infrastructure of the future.

Featuring as much as 14x greater density*, 1/5 the cost per Gbps** and up to 86% reduction in time required to design and deploy network fabrics with Dell Active Fabric Manager*** these new switches give you solutions engineered to:

  • Deploy modern workloads and applications. The Dell networking Z9100 100GbE switch provides superior bandwidth for modern workloads with 10X the speed of previous generation 10GbE**** switches. Our new low-latency S-Series switches are purpose-built for applications in high-performance computing environments.
  • Balance bandwidth flexibility with increased affordability thanks to multiple throughput options and a choice of networking operating systems.
  • Be ready for future demands with the ability to implement SDN as you’re ready for it, using an overlay, controller-based or programmable approach. From the data center to every remote location and access point across your enterprise, discover how new Dell networking solutions deliver the performance, cost savings and flexibility of open networking with SDN-ready switches.

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*The Dell Networking Z9100 switch offers 14x the density of the Cisco Nexus 7010 switch; based on Dell internal analysis December 2014.
** Based on Dell analysis using Dell pricing and Cisco list pricing (U.S. Dollars) December 2014.
*** Based on Dell Internal Study comparing manual vs automated design and installation of Dell Switches.
****100 Gigabit Ethernet provides 10x the bandwidth of 10 Gigabit Ethernet



Cloud Adoption: Hybrid Is the Future

In the next two years, the percentage of applications deployed via hybrid cloud is expected to increase significantly (from 16 percent to 44 percent), along with the IT spending devoted to hybrid cloud deployments, the Market Pulse survey finds.

“Hybrid cloud is where public cloud was five years ago—on the verge of significant growth,” said Mathew Lodge, vice president, Cloud Services Product Management and Marketing, VMware. What’s behind this growing movement of workloads and applications to hybrid cloud?

Download this white paper to learn more ->

To learn more about why customers are migrating to VMware vCloud Air, see this video:

Enablement Services for Microsoft Active Directory


Microsoft Windows Server Active Directory Services (ADS) provides a robust platform for security and access management for enterprises and companies of all sizes. Integrated with Windows Server 2012 R2, Active Directory gives you out-of-the-box functionality needed to centrally configure and administer system, user, and application settings.

At the root of success for the deployment and management of Microsoft productivity and end-user tools is Active Directory. Whether you’re looking to more effectively manage end user devices, roll out new products like Microsoft Office 365, or move users to the cloud, you’re going to need to consolidate and optimize your Active Directory infrastructure. CompuCom offers a number of enablement services to help you overcome the key challenges surrounding Active Directory.

CompuCom’s Microsoft-certified consultants have extensive experience troubleshooting Active Directory–related issues, such as replication problems and multi-domain partition configurations, and helping clients consolidate existing domains and integrate with other systems.

Core Services:

  • Active Directory design and design verification services
    • Validate Active Directory naming standards, hierarchical model, management structure, utilization of group policy objects, and security and auditing definitions
    • Optimize network infrastructure (DNS, DHCP, and WINS) to correctly handle internal, external, and remote users
    • Verify Active Directory replication health
    • Ensure cross-domain/cross-forest access
    • Set up and verify trust
    • Create security group and access permissions
    • Active Directory consolidations
  • Active Directory migration services (Windows NT, 2000, 2003, and Novell)
  • Integration and coexistence with Unix/Novell
  • Group policy configuration
  • Cloud enablement services and federation
  • Assistance with Active Directory–aware application deployments
    • Lync
    • Exchange
    • SharePoint
    • Office 365

VMware Products and Solutions

Latest products and solutions from VMware.