Advanced Integration Services for Cisco

Traditionally, changes to your IT infrastructure—large or small—cost you valuable time and resources. However, by utilizing CompuCom’s Advanced Integration Services, IT deployments become plug-and-play, minimizing frustration and delay. You can focus on your core business—and CompuCom can deploy the technology that enables you.

Many companies feel this way when considering making changes large or small to their IT infrastructure. Thanks to CompuCom Advanced Integration Services there’s no longer a reason to be nervous. Here’s why. CompuCom can deliver fully configured equipment directly to the end-user. Which reduces the time, money, and headache associated with complex IT deployments.

How do we do it? That’s simple. It’s all about our integration center. This is CompuCom’s 350,000 square foot facility located in Paulsboro, NJ. It’s the heart of our extensive configuration, distribution, image management and depot service offerings. This facility ships more than 1,200 fully configured devices every day and takes some 25,000 orders every month.

Many CompuCom clients utilize these Advanced Integration Services for large scale deployments of Cisco collaboration, data center, networking, and security equipment. Everything from the phone on your desk to next-gen switches, firewalls, and servers in your data center. Traditionally such deployments would be handled primarily at the client site costing the client valuable time and resources. However, by utilizing CompuCom’s Advance Integration Services, Cisco deployments become plug-and-play minimizing frustration and delay. All of our deployment projects follow CompuCom’s centralized control deployment methodology which reduces complexity and wasted time and money. Additionally, our facility in Paulsboro along with several other CompuCom distribution facilities and our network of partner distributers allow us to provide same day inventory augmentation.

What does this all really mean? You can focus on your core business and CompuCom can deploy the technology that enables you. If you’d like to schedule a tour of CompuCom’s integration center, contact us today.

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