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Are Service Desk SLAs Cannibalizing Your IT Budget?

IT Experts, Mike Keogh and Meg Frantz, talk to Lane Cooper from CIO Magazine about the problems with Service Desk SLAs today, why the problems exist, and how to change.

3 Things to Do Before Cloud

In this IT Coffee Break, CompuCom experts discuss what Cloud Computing can do for your business and more importantly, the 3 things that organizations need to do before moving to the cloud.

How Finance and IT can Work Together to Create a Stategic Asset

How can you lead your organization to view IT as a strategic asset? What might happen if you don't?

How Mid-Market Companies Generate Profits and Differentiation by Leveraging IT

Mid-Market Webcast thumbnail.jpg

Real-world strategies for controlling costs, improving return on technology investments, and stimulating innovation

Duration: 60 minutes