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Live July 14 - How to Future-Proof Your Network with Cisco Catalyst Switches

Image_Cisco_FutureProofingYourNetwork_Emails_Hdr.jpg CompuCom has secured access for you to this exclusive look at the next generation of network switches. In this demo, see for yourself how Cisco Catalyst 3850 Aggregation Switches deliver superior performance today, enabling you to future-proof your enterprise backbone for the high bandwidth needs of tomorrow.

Live July 16 - Apple in the Enterprise

iStock_000062097304_Small.jpg During this one-hour interactive Webcast, you will learn what's new in iOS 8 and and OS X for business and how Apple devices are transforming the way people work.

OnDemand- How IT Plug Load is Eating Your Electric Bill, Presented by Cisco

Webinar-062515-Energy-Management_Email_Header.jpg Learn what exactly is sucking up all of your energy and how you can facilitate the conversation between Facilities and IT in order to reduce these costs.

OnDemand - Protecting Your Data Center, Presented by Cisco

Webinar_SecureDataCenter_AllEmailsHdr01.jpg How will you secure your data center against the next generation of attacks without compromising network performance and functionality? CompuCom invites you for an inside look at what data center security means now.

OnDemand - The Future of Windows... Win10, Continuum and More

image_crystalball_win10.png During this one-hour interactive WebCast, Microsoft Windows Expert, Todd Pekats will highlight what Microsoft is doing to win back share in the mobile device market.

OnDemand - Conquering the 802.11ac Shift, Presented by Cisco

ConquerWebinar_EmailsHdr01.jpg Everyone is transitioning to 802.11ac for Gigabits per second Wi-Fi. How is your network going to handle the traffic? Get the answers now.

Apple OS X in the Enterprise — OnDemand Seminar Series

OSXForBiz_ResellerDM_HeroImage.jpg Join Apple® business experts for a series of short, on-demand seminars to find out what’s new in OS X® for business.

Apple iOS 8 for the Enterprise — OnDemand Seminar Series

iOS8ForBiz_ResellerDM_HeroImage.jpg Join Apple® business experts for a series of short, on-demand seminars to learn what’s new in iOS 8 for business

OnDemand - Accelerators and Self-Help Portal for ServiceNow

Image_SNow_15_web_nologo.png Find out how CompuCom’s GoLive Accelerators for ServiceNow can speed your project along.

OnDemand - Reimagining the End-User Experience: From Strategy to Implementation

IT organizations need to provide device and application choice, while maintaining a level of security, compliance, and cost control that mitigates company risk. Join our webinar to learn more.